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Feel your way through

Feel your way through

We're told that either, you can't change your emotions or you can choose your emotions.

Sadness can change into beauty. Anger can change into resolve. Rage into violence.

Our emotions transform and the so do we. Emotions are the signal, the indicator, the flag. They aren't machine, the car or the country. Emotions are a guide into the soul.

Emotions can be nudged into action. But they must evolve in the right way. You can't go from Anger to resolve straight away. There are steps. Maybe it's anger, then realising what the problem is, then seeing the injustice of it, then maybe the helplessness of the situation, then despair, then angry resolve.

The path is often weird but wonderful. Emotions can be nudged but not controlled. The nudge is also more powerful as it evolves into action and not shutting down.