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Mostly Epic Fantasy - Episode 4: Intuition
For the over-thinkers out there. To support: Find me: Adam Script for those who like to read or for the hearing impaired. My old Sensei, mentor and all round badass was moving house. He and his fiance, my soon to be step mum, were
Mostly Epic Fantasy - Episode 3: Woven Through My Heart
On Apple Podcast: Spotify: I describe how a book ends up in a fire and what growing up with a series is like. Enjoy. To support: Find me: Adam Script
Mostly Epic Fantasy - Episode 2: Going Back to Relive it Again
On Apple Podcast: Spotify: In this episode, I explore the first book I enjoyed and the first fantasy book I read. I describe how books can change you and a bit of serendipity.
Mostly Epic Fantasy - Episode 1 : Introduction
On Apple Podcast: Spotify: Welcome to the first episode of my podcast, Mostly Epic Fantasy. For the first, I go through my motivations for starting and what you’ll expect from the intial releases. I will grow