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Mostly Epic Fantasy - Episode 1 : Introduction

Mostly Epic Fantasy - Episode 1 : Introduction

Welcome to the first episode of my podcast, Mostly Epic Fantasy. For the first, I go through my motivations for starting and what you'll expect from the initial releases. I will grow this into other things as I figure out what I want to explore.

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Script for those who like to read or for the hearing impaired.

G’day and welcome to the Mostly Epic Fantasy podcast. I’m your host Adam. The idea for this podcast has been in my head, bouncing around like a world championship table tennis match for the past couple of years. The concept of this show has been born out of the love for fantasy and also having my internal timeline being sign-posted by the book covers I’ve read. These signposts stretch all the way back to when I was a teenager. When I turn and look back, it’s always with a happy compounded nostalgia of time well spent curled up on a couch with the images of Trollocs chasing Rand and Co in the Ways, or missing my bus stop on my way to work being pulled along page by page by Prince Arutha sneaking into Moraelin. Dam, Now I want to read them all again.

I’m going to discuss the books I’ve read and what life was like at the time. The life I will show and tell about is my own. It’s triumphs, struggles and mediocrity. Which brings me to the main struggle I have with actually doing this show. I have often wondered, who would want to listen to me, I’m no Caeser or Elon Musk. I don’t have billions of dollars or fought in wars that are far away, or even been a Casanova. But my childhood and teenage years were full of all kinds of craziness. Although, I now simply turn up to my job and get it done, I’m a dedicated father and I live close to the beach, which has always been a dream of mine. These things currently warm my heart or make me shake my head but I still feel a bit shy about it all. I suppose however, it’s my STORY, and for that reason alone, it might be good enough for me to describe.

Nostalgia about the past is touted as something that we should avoid. Living in the present, the here and now is the only way. It’s often said that it’s all you can control, and being present will ultimately lead to a satisfactory life. I get it and I do enjoy being present with those around me and with the things I do. I also enjoy reminiscing about the past, thinking about the joy of starting a series and then the eventual painful satisfaction, with finishing it, and still wanting more of it. The glee with finding a book you’ve been looking for at the markets or a secondhand store. The absence of time from being lost in the moment in the pages in front of you. All these things build a good life in my opinion. It’s the personal combination of past, present and future that makes the stories we read amazing and magical.

Why the focus on the past? I believe if we revisit the points in time we found a book and notice who we were, it will shine a light our own arc to our story and remind us of one of the reasons “why” we read. One of the main reasons we read is the story. So what about your story, what do your signposts look like, what are the events and what is the journey. I hope to remind you of your journey and do that through our shared fondness or affection or love for fantasy.

I’m excited to share this show with you.

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